GCI-branded WordPress Theme

Wow. I thought this blog was completely dead. And then I get a question from someone who actually came here. So here’s the question: “Is there a template for local church websites that takes advantage of the excellent branding GCI is achieving?” Well, yes, there is. But we’ve been struggling with various issues with it. There are still some, but the major issues are now worked out pretty well, so here’s how to install it.

Classic Editor

You may have noticed that WordPress recently changed the way editing works. While the new editor is very flexible, it’s incompatible with a lot of plugins and themes, include ours. Over time, we’ll work through those issues, but for now, you need the “Classic Editor” plugin.

  1. From your WordPress Dashboard
  2. Plugins
  3. Add New
  4. “Classic Editor” is usually the second one down on the left. Or search for it.
  5. Click “Install Now”
  6. Click “Activate”

Git Updater

Our theme is hosted on a place called GitHub. This allows our developer and internal staff to make changes to the theme without too much coordination. It also makes it easier to install and update the theme. So you’ll need this too.

  1. Click here to download the latest Git Updater plugin
  2. From your WordPress Dashboard
  3. Plugins
  4. Add New
  5. Upload Plugin
  6. Choose File
  7. Select the file you just downloaded and click Open
  8. Install Now
  9. Activate

GCILocal Theme

Now we’re ready to install the theme.

  1. Click here to see the release for the GCI Local theme
  2. Download the gcilocal.zip from the latest release
  3. From your WordPress Dashboard
  4. Appearance
  5. Themes
  6. Add New
  7. Choose File
  8. Select the gcilocal.zip file you just downloaded
  9. Click Open
  10. Click Install Now
  11. Activate the theme