Using Images from the Internet

Internet tools like Google Images and Bing Images have made it very easy to find and download images from the internet. In the process, they also make it very easy to violate copyright law. Now we may think, “Our church is so small. No one will notice if we use a copyrighted image. And if

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Computer Security Fundamentals

Richard Kissel is a GCI pastor who works for the government at National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the Computer Security Division for the Small Business Community. The NIST offers a small (20 page) PDF on information security for small businesses, which he and the IT department feel could also be very helpful

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What About Windows 7?

A few pastors have expressed interest in Windows 7. In our opinion, Windows 7 is a good product, and if you are getting a new computer, you should get Windows 7 on it instead of Windows Vista or XP. Windows 7 seems more stable and faster than Vista, but it’s still new, so less is

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New local church web site URL

The way it looks now, has won the survey, so we’ll plan to go with that. If you’re in a hurry to get rid of the “wcg” part of your URL, send an email to and request to move to It would help to have the current URL since it’s sometimes difficult

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What About the April Fools Virus?

We’ve had a few calls asking about the April Fools Virus (Conficker worm). Generally, if you keep Windows and your antivirus program up-to-date, you should be safe. If you are concerned whether you might already be infected, try this page for visual clues: