Increasing Your Website Traffic Notes

As promised, here is the presentation and notes from the “Increasing Your Website Traffic” workshop at the 2013 Denominational Conference in Orlando, Florida. Increase Your Website Traffic PowerPoint Increase Your Website Traffic PDF

WordPress 3.1, Performance Changes & Stats

For those running on our WordPress-based easy web site service, we’re in the process of upgrading you all to WordPress 3.1. I’m also looking at your plugin list and replacing WP-SpamFree with WP-HashCash for performance reasons. And for those hosted on DreamHost (the majority of you), we’re upgrading to PHP 5.3 and adding the page

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Websites: What You Say Matters

In the last article we started thinking about the web site’s mission, and just asked the question, “how will they find your website?” It’s not like I didn’t think about the purpose of the websites I previously worked on. I just thought it was rather obvious. We wanted it to be a resource for members

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Introduction to Websites

It seems that everyone wants a website these days, but to what end? What is it that you want your website to do for you? What steps can you take to make it an effective tool for your church? I’ve wanted for some time to write a series on websites–design tips, content and marketing. While

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Computer Security Fundamentals

Richard Kissel is a GCI pastor who works for the government at National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the Computer Security Division for the Small Business Community. The NIST offers a small (20 page) PDF on information security for small businesses, which he and the IT department feel could also be very helpful

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What About Windows 7?

A few pastors have expressed interest in Windows 7. In our opinion, Windows 7 is a good product, and if you are getting a new computer, you should get Windows 7 on it instead of Windows Vista or XP. Windows 7 seems more stable and faster than Vista, but it’s still new, so less is

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