What About Windows 7?

A few pastors have expressed interest in Windows 7. In our opinion, Windows 7 is a good product, and if you are getting a new computer, you should get Windows 7 on it instead of Windows Vista or XP. Windows 7 seems more stable and faster than Vista, but it’s still new, so less is known about its long-term stability.

Are we using it at HQ? Yes. We have begun to use Windows 7 as we need to reinstall or otherwise do major upgrades for our employees. We are not planning to upgrade everyone, only those who need enough work on their current machine to justify the upgrade time.

Should you upgrade? That’s not really a question we can answer. If you current setup is working well for you, you should probably stay with it. If you’re re-installing your computer anyway, it’s probably worth looking at whether Windows 7 might be a better choice. The Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor can tell you if there are obvious problems with your setup. Then there is the cost of the upgrade, and whether you are able to install it or will need someone to help you with it. We really don’t provide support for this type of upgrade, so if you can’t do it yourself, you should have someone locally who can help you.

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