What About Windows 7?

A few pastors have expressed interest in Windows 7. In our opinion, Windows 7 is a good product, and if you are getting a new computer, you should get Windows 7 on it instead of Windows Vista or XP. Windows 7 seems more stable and faster than Vista, but it’s still new, so less is

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Changing wcgweb.org

Well, it’s obvious that we need to change the wcgweb.org domain to somthing else for those of you who use it. Of course you also have the option of registering your own domain for your church or camp web site. For example, if yiou have a local church name, you may try to get a

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WCG Conference Powerpoint Slides

Here are the slides from the WCG IT presentation at the New Pastor Training Conference entitled “Demystifying www.wcg.org/online“: demystifying-wcg-online-website-presentationx Let me know what you thought, and if there is anything additional that should be covered, or dropped. IT Staff (Robert)